PDO Threads; Threads You Will Love

PDO Threads; Threads You Will Love

My skincare story might not be different from yours but what I did with my skin must be different. If you want to know what I did to get a tighter, uplifted and firm skin, read the blog below.

When I got 40, I gradually started noticing a few changes in my overall body. Not only from outside, but inside me was having quite a few troubles. However, the external were pretty obvious. After reaching at the age of 40, I saw major loosening on my face. Wrinkles and sagginess on skin began to appear and a thread lift treatment look inevitable due to which I consulted with PDOpro.com.

I am fond of beauty and I have always liked the concept of enhancing it more and more. But when I started seeing declination in my skin and external beauty, I became terrified. I went to the state of anxiety because my beautiful skin was leaving my face and I couldn’t stop it.

In solution to this, I went to see a couple of dermatologist, but none of their prescriptions and advice worked. I went on two medication courses, each of three months. After the duration, I felt no change on my skin.

I decided to deal with it in an entirely different manner. I took a doctor’s advice and decided of using PDO thread face lifting treatment for my skin. The good thing about this treatment is that it increases collagen synthesis by incorporating threads into the skin. If you are a dermatologist or plastic surgeons who offer such treatments, then you can check out PDOPro for all kind of threads and needles for PDO thread lifting.

Here are few types of PDO Threads which are available at their store:

Collagen is a protein; mainly known as for providing firm and flawless look to the skin. It is already preset in skin since our birth. Due to some, external and internal nuances, our body lacks collagen, which is why, wrinkles and loosening of skin began to appear.

Read more about PDO thread lift here

I had my surgery done within 40 minutes and I was able to see the results right after the surgery. However, a little bruising and redness was there which also went away in just 14 days.

After the treatment, I felt so satisfied and happy and obviously will take the sessions again as soon as the results start fading.

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